H:70in / 178cm Size:M
H:70in / 178cm Size:M
H:70in / 178cm Size:M
H:70in / 178cm Size:M
H:70in / 178cm Size:M
H:70in / 178cm Size:M
H:70in / 178cm Size:M

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GB0224/CG06 : Banana Heaven T-Shirt(Pre-Order)

価格 ¥ 13,200 税込
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【Shipped around early July/7月上旬頃発送予定】
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■Item info
Collaboration between popular YouTube/Twitch subculture streamer CDawgVA and glamb.Ninja Monkey T-Shirt that expresses CDawgVA's motif with a witty gimmick.
The 3D foam print next to glamb spin logo on the chest is a banana named after CDawgVA, who is affectionately called "Monkey" by viewers.There is a floating angel ring shaped like the glamb initial on top of the banana print, and in the center of the body there is a mechanism using retroreflective ink that connects the meaning to the angel ring.When you shine a light in a dark place, the figure of a monkey intoxicated by “BANANA HEAVEN” appears.
The textile is 100% plain stitched cotton 5.6 oz heavyweight. This piece is made in regular sizing with a longer length using high-quality fabric, which is perfect for daily use.

Products will be delivered in a box or a packing bag.
Weight when packed
CDawgVA Suit(BOX): 1.9kg
Monkey Skelton Shoes(BOX): 1.7kg
CDawgVA Reversible Blouson(BAG): 0.8kg
CDawgVA Gaming T-Shirt(BAG): 0.3kg
CDawgVA Gaming Hoodie(BAG): 0.9kg
Banana Heaven T-Shirt(BAG): 0.3kg
Galaxy Set(2BOXES): 4.1kg

Three sides of the box (width x height x depth)
Three sides of the bag (width x height x depth)

You can estimate overseas shipping costs by entering the information on the website below.

YouTube/Twitchの人気サブカル配信者CDawgVAとglambがコラボレーション、CDawgVAのモチーフをウィットあるギミックで表現したNinja Monkey T-Shirt。
胸元のglambスピンロゴの肩に立体的な発泡プリントであしらったのは視聴者から愛情を込めて“Monkey”と呼ばれるCDawgVAにちなんだバナナ。glambイニシャルを象った天使の輪が浮かんでいますが、ボディ中央にはそれに呼応する再帰反射インクを用いた仕掛けが。暗所で光を照射すると、“BANANA HEAVEN“に陶酔するモンキーの姿が現れます。
Material : Cotton 100%
Size S M L XL
Length 27 29 30 32
Chest 20.5 21.5 23 25
Shoulder 18 19.5 21 22.5
Sleeves 8 8.5 9.5 10
Size S M L XL
Length 69 73 77 81
Chest 52 55 58 63
Shoulder 46 50 54 57
Sleeves 20 22 24 25


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